We are pleased to announce that since a few days we operate our 100% owned company in Serbia.

The company is named KALLAS SB DOO with General Manager Mr. Valentino Curukovski and is located in Nis.

This is the new step of our Group to the direction of expanding business activities in the area of Balkan countries and South Eastern Europe. The Market of Serbia was not unknown to us, as we had some direct customers there, served by our company in F.Y.R.O.Macedonia.

Our presence in this country with our own offices, our sales people, our warehouse and distribution facilities will give us the opportunity to monitor the needs of this Market and to offer the best solutions to the customers, taking advantage of our big experience and our wide product portfolio.

Despite, the difficult economic environment in Greece and almost all over Europe, KALLAS PAPADOPOULOS Group proves to be again a winner, as it keeps growing in Greek, Cypriot and Balkan Markets strengthening its leading position in the area.